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  November 2, 2013

A relatively mediocre update, but an exciting month for concerts in Toronto. We've got Franz Ferdinand, Holy Ghost!, The Magician, Cut Copy, Young Galaxy and Capital Cities. Yikes, this is an expensive hobby!

Holy Ghost! - Okay

Ah, more Holy Ghost! Another new track off their latest album. Really excited to see them later this month!

Digits - Say Goodbye

I really need to give more shoutouts to local talent. Digits is from Toronto, and they have some great minimal electro tracks. Here's a new one.

Young Galaxy - Privileged Poor

Young Galaxy don't produce the most danceable tunes, but they're a favourite of mine nonetheless. They have a new album out now (Aquamarine), and this is my favourte track off it. And they're from Montreal, so hey, that's always good.

  October 12, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Blankadventure updates!

Gemini Club - Sparklers

This song was actually released about a year ago but they've released a video for it now. Gemini Club are a great band and they really deserve to be more well-known.

Pet Shop Boys - Love is a Bourgeois Construct

Something magical is happening with the Pet Shop Boys. They've really turned themselves around and have been releasing some fantastic modern-with-a-hint-of-retro-synth tracks that are just oh so popular these days. I dare you to listen to this and not have it get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

The Magician - When the Night is Over

The Magician is a talented dj I've been following for some time now. Could this be the track that brings him the mainstream success he deserves? I can hear this track playing seamlessly in any club playlist.

  September 16, 2013

Aaaannnnddd so ends the summer. Thankfully there's no shortage of shiny, glistening electropop to light up the night, and We've got a few particularly great ones right here.

Empire of the Sun - DNA

Okay, I've professed by love for Empire of the Sun many times on this blog and have been waiting eagerly for the release of new videos from Ice on the Dune. Well, here's DNA, my second favourite song off the new album. The video is actually nothing special but the song is damn good.

Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court

New track from the band that gave us the killer hit Safe and Sound. It's pretty great. These guys seem to really have their finger on the pulse of indie dance and know how to put out great, funky, danceable, tracks.

Holy Ghost! - Teenagers in Heat

I've been following Holy Ghost! for a while now. They do a fantastic job of transporting 80s synth sounds into modern dance tunes. This track is no exception, and in fact just might be my favourite HG track yet. Lets hope the rest of their upcoming album matches up!

Fenech-Soler - Last Forever

New track from our French friends Fenech-Soler. Feel like stretching summer out just a little longer? This is the track to do it.

  August 12, 2013

This month we're featuring a Kris Menace showcase. This dude is a brilliant DJ putting out some very smart music. His most recent release, "Features", features (hah!) a range of guest artists and vocalists. The whole album is an amazing piece of work and I'm going to highlight three of my favourite tracks here.

Kris Menace feat. Black Hills - Waiting For You

A beautiful mix of italo-disco and 90s darkwave, with those melancholic vocals I love oh so much.

Kris Menace feat. Chelonis R. Jones - Voodoo Dilate (Samo)

This is not quite like anything I've ever seen or heard before. Its dark and sexy, and oozes with style and substance. There's something deeply sinister going on here, and I wouldn't recommend watching it before bedtime.

Kris Menace feat. Robert Owens - Trusting Me

So, you just watched Voodoo Dilate right? I don't know if it was intentional or not but these two songs/videos combine in a most wonderfully disturbing way and push the imagination into any number of horror movie plotlines. Its dark, its creepy, its what good music should be.

  June 30, 2013

Oh hey, time for another one of my monthly updates. This is a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff I've been meaning to post but haven't gotten around to. Don't think that means 2nd rate of course, we only deal in Grade A choice cuts here.

The Van Jets - Broken Bones (Moonlight Matters remix)

I've raved before about my love for Moonlight Matters. He just might be my favourite remix artist of all time - everything this guy releases is magical (see: Moonlight Matters - The Fear). Crank the volume and get ready to be transported to a dance floor in the future, in a club far, far away.

Plushgun - I Like It

Uggh I hate it when I miss out on good electro - this song is old, having been released back in 2011. I'm posting it anyway because I happen to like it and given the relatively small number of views, it totally deserves more exposure. Fair warning: its catchy as hell.

The Good Natured - Lovers

I love that this is so absolutely unapologetic in appropriating that retro 80s sound and look that we all love so much. A brilliant throwback to a time I wasn't around for but that I like to pretend I was.

Young Galaxy - New Summer

Sorry, this is not a dance song. You cannot dance to this. You can, however, sit staring out a window on a cloudy, rainy, day feeling sad and contemplating the meaning of it all. More to the point, Young Galaxy are an amazingly talented band and everything they do is brilliant; if ever I were to describe a song as "beautiful", this would be it.

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