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  January 4, 2013

Happy new year! I guess? Some people are really into it. No best-of lists for me, just some awesome new music.

Ben Howard - The Fear (Moonlight Matters rework)

Well, well, well, what have we here. This is one of those songs that you don't really expect to hear, and then somehow, somewhere - you do - and you're all like huh what is this? This is...this is something...very good! And it gets better and better and you're like WHO IS THIS AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM, and then you find out it's a rework by Moonlight Matters, and it all kinda makes sense because everything MM does turns to gold, and you're sitting there, just thinking, as the song plays on, I'm so glad this happened.

CITIZENS! - True Romance

This is the latest single off Here We Are, the debut album from CITIZENS! They are a London-based band, produced by Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand fame (I can def hear some similarities). These guys have found a home on the always-awesome Kitsune label. The whole album is seriously good, so go check it out! I'll probably do a whole update just on these guys in a little bit.

Royksopp - Ice Machine

Like OMFG!! Royksopp, who I love, obviously, covering Ice Machine, one of my favourite Depeche Mode songs. This kicks so much ass.

Battlekat - Rituals That Make The Rain Fall

Here is Battlekat, another Swedish synth act. I love this video because it features Genghis Khan playing keyboard and it looks like a synthesizer bomb exploded inside a recording studio.

  December 8, 2012

This update things are a little all over the place.

Frida Sundemo

Wow, within just a few days of posting and the views are already passed 200,000! This blew up fast! This is quite the catchy indie pop song from Swedish singer Frida Sundemo. I don't know what is about the Nordic countries but they sure know how to make good pop music. The video is kinda clever too.

Pegase - Dreaming Legend

aaaannndd for a complete 180, we have the latest tune from French group Pegase, which is heavy, dark, and definitely not pop. As stated in the youtube link, "The secret power of Pegase, is the one which transform muses into constellations". I don't know what that means but I would expect nothing less from an artsy French band.

New Arcades - Remember the Nights

Anyone who calls themselves a music fan knows that feeling of hearing a new song and the giddiness that sweeps through ones body as the song pushes all the right buttons (particularly apt if you like electronic music, where it really is about button-pushing). This is one of those songs. It's not a fantastic song per se; the production is a bit rough and amateurish, but nonetheless it exemplifies the synthpop genre and the kind of music I like almost perfectly.

St. Lucia - September

I actually posted this song a few weeks ago, but it has now been video-ized. St. Lucia are a very exciting indie-electro act producing some powerful, modern, electro tunes. I don't know if they'll hit the big time but everything about them is here and now.

  November 30, 2012

Moullinex - Keep You Close

I'll keep you close by keeping you on endless repeat on my ipod. What's great is that this is only one gnarly beat off the latest - and nearly flawless - set from Moullinex. Check it out here.

Awkoder w/ Phlore - Your Love

Yaaay, italo-disco! The chorus is nicely self-reflective as this just might be the definition of my love.

Kris Menace w/ Miss Kitten - Hide

I'm not crazy about the song but I'm posting this anyway because the video is pretty kick-ass. The song gets kinda good around the end too.

  November 7, 2012

Here is an entire update dedicated to Visitor!

Visitor - Coming Home (Lifelike Remix)

Okay so this track has been floating around on the intertubes for about a year now and received extensive coverage because of how goddamn amazing it is. Well, the whole album is out now - along with the this single - so here it is again because of how goddamn amazing it is.

Visitor - Coming Home (Original)

Here is the original, because its just really good too.

Visitor - RNB

RNB is the 2nd single off the album. It's a great bit of dreamwave that would fit in perfectly on the Drive soundtrack.

  October 24, 2012

It has been a while since my last update, but I think you'll find the wait has been worth it. We've got two big names with new releases, and some other good stuff.

Diamond Rings - Runaway Love

I've saved the best for first. Diamond Rings. Diamond Rings, Diamond Rings. I just can't say enough about how awesome this guy is. His first single off Free Dimensional, I'm Just Me, was amazing. This is single #2 and is pretty much indie pop perfection. The real reason I didn't update in a month? Because I knew nothing else this good would come along.

Holy Ghost! - It Gets Dark

The second big name with a new release, I've been waiting for some new Holy Ghost! for what seems like ages. The song is good but I'd love to hear them push beyond their usual 80s funk sound.

Starsmith - Zeros

No vocals on this, just one kickass dance tune that, if clubs actually played good music, would wipe the floor clean.

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