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  September 22, 2012

She's the Queen - Talk to Me (Lightwaves Remix)

I don't know too much about these guys or where this song came from but it's fantastic, with the remix being better than the original in my opinion. Turn it up loud cuz that baseline is ssseexxxxyyy.

St. Lucia - September

We have another single from St. Lucia and I'm happy to hear its just as energetic as their previous release. With a 2 for 2 record, lets hope they can keep it up for the rest of the album!

  September 13, 2012

Gemini Club - Sparklers

Latest single from Gemini Club. Their earlier single, By Surprise, was brilliant and this one is even better (despite the lack of a video). Turn up the volume and rock the fuck out. Or drive on the freeway, cuz I won't kill ya.

Miike Snow - Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)

Track 6 off their latest album Happy to You, this hasn't been released as a single, but its really really good so I'm posting it here. So there.

  September 3, 2012

How about a little dreamwave/darkwave to start September off?

Divine Fits - My Love is Real

I know I post a lot of dancy pop music but I can't keep my dark side hidden forever. Here's a fantastic darkwave tune from the Divine Fits.

Arcade High - Blacktop Rendezvous

Keeping in tune with the heavier feel, here is a great new song from Arcade High where they manage to sound remarkably like early Postal Service. At 967 views you're getting in on the ground floor with this one!

  August 26, 2012

ehhrmagerd urpderts!

Donkeyboy - Pull of the Eye

Okay, I admit, this harkens back to that cheesy 90s electro sound, but ever since hearing Ambition, I've been following these guys and had no idea they were as big as they are. So here is a recentish hella catchy tune from Finland's Donkeyboy.

Chrome Canyon - Memories of a Scientist

Being a grad student I guess I'm kinda sorta a scientist; sadly, my science isn't nearly as exciting as this. Can I switch my degree to Master of Looking Awesome in front of Synthesizers?

  August 14, 2012

Got a little busy and fell behind with updates. So lets get on with it!

Young Liars - Echoists

Young Galaxy, Young Empires, Young Liars, Electric Youth - all these young bands are making me feel old. Anyway, this is a great tune from Vancouver's own Young Liars. Check out their website, or look them up on iTunes - the whole album is great.

Elton John vs. Pnau - Sad

Elton John is apparently such a fan of Pnau that he lent a chunk of his back catalogue to them, and the result is Universe, the latest album from Pnau (or Elton John?). This is the seond single, Sad.

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